Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Shower fun!

Remember me?  Yeah, I'm the one who used to blog on here often!  I wanted to show you guys a few projects that I did for my very best friend's baby shower.

The invitations

I made these diaper invitations out of plain white card stock for the diaper with a decorative safety pin and attached a tag and slipped the invitation right inside.

I don't do much paper crafting, but I really enjoy it.  The only other thing I've really done is invitations for my son's first birthday party (made out of altoid's tin), which you can see here

The Cake

This was the most intimidating part of throwing this shower.  I wanted a special cake, and I wanted to try and do it myself.  I have a big problem with seeing other people's ideas and thinking "oh that looks easy, I can do that!"  I always seem to bite off a little more than I can chew, but I think it turned out really cute, although not quite professional looking like I was hoping :-)

This was the second cake that I have ever made (you can see the first here, again my son's first birthday), I did NOT know what I was doing when I started, and it's a miracle it looks like anything at all.   Thank the Lord for an amazingly talented dessert-baking-mother-in-law who helped me make the Royal icing for the hood.  Who knew you could make an icing that would dry and turn hard?

After making this cake, which could be a blog post by itself, it was nearly a disaster a few times - (and I may have used a wallpaper smoother to smooth the icing...shhhh.) I was so worried about transporting it!  I was that driver that you honk at turning left going like 2 miles an hour until there are completley through the turn.  I will think twice before I get mad at one of these people again - they might just have a bassinet cake in their floorboard :-)

I went simple with the decor, since I had some other time consuming projects to finish.  Just some pretty pinky purple flowers in a .50 cent cup from walmart with some easter friendly pinky purple M&Ms

The Favors

I got the idea for these favors from Bower Power, who was thrown a baby shower with bulbs being the favor.  I loved that idea, and especially with a baby shower honoring baby Lily!  So of course, I had to do Lily bulbs.  I "planted" each one in a ready to plant garden thingy (I don't know much about this stuff - all I know is it cost $2 for 22 of these !) with a little pink Easter grass and wrapped it up in cellophone tied with ribbon and  a tag on each one made from left over invitation paper. The tag says

A Lily for Lily
Lily Claire Penrod
Plant this bulb on the day Lily is born

The Presents

I love opening beautifully wrapped presents.  You will never receive a gift from me in a gift bag!  The joy of unwrapping is sometimes better than the gift itself!  I saw this wrapping paper on, and decided to get some similar.  Well, I guess she shopped at Target, because I got the exact same paper.  Even put a flower on it too.  I made these flowers out of leftover yarn from the present itself.  They are super easy to make, and so cute

Can't forget a present for soon-to-be big sis! (a "sisters" frame and some pretty lip gloss in a personalized case, and by personalized I mean that I ripped of the sticker that came on it, printed her name out in pink letters and modge-podged it on there).  The letters on the gift itself is still left over invitation paper.

The present for Momma (or baby, I guess) was a blanket I crocheted with a basketweave stitch. 

I did one just like it for Levi when I was pregnant with him. 

Now, I just have to wait a few more weeks until I meet baby Lily herself!  I can't wait!!
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