Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wallpaper Art

I love Thrifty Decor Chick!  She always has great ideas, and when I saw this post - I just had to do it. 

I chose my entryway "niche" for this project:

This art project was really easy.  It is just canvases covered in textured wallpaper that I painted. Lowes had their textured wallpaper on sale for something like $3 and I already had the canvases from another project that failed miserably.

I covered the canvases in wallpaper, then painted them (our cabinet color). Then I took a little of the paint I used on the wall that these go on and mixed it with the brown to make a slightly lighter hue. I very lightly rolled over the canvases with this color, and it highlighted the raised part and it barely touched the parts that weren't raised giving it a distressed look. Then I went over the raised parts again with a small brush with the plain wall color.

The Lovely mirrored creepy entryway before:

The pretty and thrifty after (thanks Sarah!!)

Total Cost?  $13!!! (2.50 for each canvas and $3 for the wallpaper)


  1. This is AWESOME! My mom sent me a link to your site and I am loving what you are doing. Great ideas!

  2. I just commented on your DIY blog post a minute ago.. but I bought that same wall paper!! It's part of my DIY project I did. Too funny.

  3. looks amazing! I may have to try that for one of my many boring and blank walls:)

  4. The second I saw this I knew it was Sarah's idea. She's great! I love that you did it and yeah, what's with the creepy mirror? I really like your doormat art & I think 4 would work too (I'm also a "3" person, but I'm a crazy symmetry person). I'm saving your Blog for later... thanks! Marti

  5. Awesome Ideas! I really love your sense of style and plan to use some of your inspiration for my new little house. Thanks for posting!

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