Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kitchen and bamboo floors

Originally posted January 3rd, 2007:

We got bamboo floors for the living and formal dining area. We got it because it was the least expensive option... but I really like them. They look really neat, they are really thick and substantial, and the pieces just slide right together. People are more eco-friendly these days, so bamboo will be a good selling feature since it's renewable.

The kitchen is getting closer. It seems like no matter how much progress is made, we are still about 10 steps away from the final product. It's starting to look about 30 years younger though.

We have completed:
most of the paint
put up window treatments
Replaced stove, double oven and fridge

We still have to:
finish up painting
replace outlet covers
get a few more window treatments
Get a new dishwasher
finish installing hardware on cabinets
put in new baseboards
replace the light fixtures
replace door into the laundry room and pantry
cover damaged part of cabinet from the old backsplash
Replace window sill by the fridge
Remove old stove top, and connect new stove top

Kitchen before:

Kitchen getting closer

Breakfast room before:

Breakfast room getting closer:

can you find the tuba player in this picture below?


  1. That looks amazing! I actually follow your blog cuz I love it! I was wondering what color that is on the walls in your breakfast area. I love that color! Thanks.

  2. Hi Step. I love watching a makeover. Ya'll are doing a wonderful job, it looks great. I'll be watching.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  3. Love the last pic of your beloved tuba player. hee hee. It's coming along so beautifully. I love the floors.

  4. Oh no! There is no more posts on the 80's revamp. I have to know how it ends. This is like reading a book I can't put down. Please post the ending soon!

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